Raising Voices is a nonprofit organization working toward the prevention of violence against women and children. Our work strives to influence the power dynamics shaping relationships particularly between women and men, girls and boys, and adults and children.

Our Story


Raising Voices is a nonprofit organization based in Kampala, Uganda working toward the prevention of violence against women and children. Our work strives to influence the power dynamics shaping relationships between women and men, girls and boys by catalyzing social change in communities, rigorously studying and learning from the work we do, and sharing our experiences to shape the field.

Since our founding in 1999, we have grown from a small group of committed activists to a team of thirty vibrant staff. Our partners have increased from a few local collaborators to over sixty organizations across the region. As we have grown, our identity as an organization has been shaped by our experiences in violence prevention. At Raising Voices, we strive for meaningful impact, honor passion and rigor, and have fostered a small but dedicated team. We have remained committed to the communities of the Horn, East and Southern Africa, with increasing influence on action and dialogue across the globe.

Over the past twelve years we have cultivated an impassioned form of activism, awakened critical thinking and inspired change in homes, communities, schools, organizations and government. From injecting new ideas to creating the tools for acting on those ideas, our efforts have combined to inspire a new way of being.

We look forward to continued evolution and strength as we move forward on our journey.

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Vision: Raising Voices envisions relationships, families, and communities where women and children’s voices are heard, their rights are respected, and they can live free of violence.

Mission: To prevent violence against women and children.

Values: At Raising Voices, we believe that our organizational capacity stems directly from the set of values and principles by which we live and carry out our daily work. What makes us unique is not defined solely by what we do, but by how and why we do it. Raising Voices undertakes all aspects of our work in a manner that embodies our core beliefs in feminism, human rights, accountability, respect and the dignity of all people. We also believe in the imperative of staying grounded in sound practice and relevant theory.

We believe that it takes three things to prevent violence against women and children:

  • Activism: Over the past twelve years, Raising Voices has cultivated an impassioned form of activism—one that has awakened critical thinking and inspired change in homes, communities, schools, organizations and government.
  • Innovation: Our early successes taught us to rigorously study and learn from our work as inspiration for further innovation in violence prevention.
  • Influence: Our early forays into advocacy taught us that by sharing our unique experiences in high-level dialogue we can play a needed role in shaping the field and creating global conditions for success.


Raising Voices’ staff are the organization’s greatest assets. Our team is a vibrant, diverse group of activists working passionately to prevent violence against women and children.

Aggrey MukuwaAggrey Mukuwa is well known as “Teacher Aggrey’’ not only at Raising Voices, but all around Uganda, as he became famous through one of Raising Voices’ TV adverts. He is a Program Officer working with the Good School team and he trains teachers across the country on the Good School methodology. Aggrey is a teacher by profession with a Grade III Teaching certificate from Kyambogo University and a diploma in Education from Uganda Martyr’s University. Before joining Raising Voices, he was Deputy Head Teacher at St. Peter’s Primary School, Kanyanya, where he made tremendous contribution to pre-testing the Good School methodology. Aggrey is married and a father to two girls and three boys. He takes pride in working with children and giving encouragement where things seem to be without hope.

Angel MirembeAngel Faridah, commonly known as “Mukyala Musumba” (Pastor’s wife) due to her desire to serve those in need, is a Program Officer with the Good School Program at Raising Voices. She spends her days supporting the Good Schools team in tracking their work in schools and communities. Angel attended Kyambogo University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Community Development. Before joining Raising Voices, she worked as a field supervisor on the 1,000 Schools Randomized Control Trial in Luwero district during which she obtained a certificate in research on Violence Against Children. Angel’s passion is inspiring children, and she can most often be found with them—whether through her work, her church, or her family.

Barbrah NanyunjaBarbrah Nanyunja is a lover of music and fashion and is known by the nickname “positive attitude” because she approaches all situations with such. As a proud member on the Good Schools Team, she supports Kampala District schools, carries out trainings on the Good School Toolkit, provides on-going Technical Assistance to partner organisations and schools, and establishes advocacy relationships with relevant local government authorities. Barbrah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University. After university, she worked as a Research Assistant with the School of Public Health at Makerere and then with Raising Voices as a researcher on the SASA! Project. Barbrah is passionate about activism wok after sharing so many touching experiences of violence against women and children in the community. It has always been a dream of hers to work with Raising Voices!

Clinton OkechaClinton Okecha is known around the office as “the chairman” because he has worked at Raising Voices for many years. Clinton is a driver and a messenger and he does a variety of things on any given day from repairing equipment to making sure the office is secure and safe. He is also the master gardener at Raising Voices and keeps the compound looking smart. Clinton looked after himself and his siblings from a young age and learned how to be independent very early in life. After leaving secondary school, he started selling small supplies and moved to Kampala in 1995. Clinton would like to tell the world that although a person can see many difficult things in life and experience many challenges, it is possible and essential to keep looking forward and believing that life can be happy. This is a lesson he strives to teach to his own children.

Devin FarisDevin Faris has worked across nearly every corner of the Raising Voices family. Prior to his current role as Technical Advisor to the VAC Prevention Team, Devin served as a Senior Program Officer with the Learning Team, consulted with the VAW Practice Team to redesign the SASA! Together L&A Framework, assessed key processes for the GBV Prevention Network like Get Moving! and the Member R&Rs, and helped synthesize findings from both the SASA! and Good Schools Studies into widely accessible reports. Devin holds a Master’s in International Education & Development from New York University and specializes in bridging the gap between learning and practice for activist organizations working to end violence against women and their children. He splits his time between East Africa and Southeast Asia but says Uganda will always be his one true home.

Dipak NakerDipak Naker is a Co-founder and Co-director at Raising Voices where he spends his days asking challenging questions about how to prevent violence against children, bringing answers to those questions to life, and supporting a team of hard-working staff. He has designed an award-winning communication campaign that reaches approximately 2 million Ugandans a month and developed a methodology for preventing violence against children at schools that is currently being rolled out in 1,000 Ugandan schools. He has written many substantive pieces on preventing violence and serves on the Boards of a number of dynamic organizations. Dipak was born in Tanzania and has lived in East Africa for most of his life.

Hassan MuluusiHassan Muluusi is a Program Manager in the Good School program. He is well known around the office as “Chief Energizer” because of the spirited games he teaches everyone. He enters the office before 8 am each day and is one of the most reliable trainers on the Good School Toolkit. He has inspired many key stakeholders around Uganda to work with Raising Voices to train their team members including Plan Uganda, Care International, and Salvation Army. Before joining the Raising Voices team, Hassan studied at Makerere University and worked as a classroom teacher at Mulago Secondary School. Hassan is self-motivated and has a great passion for working with teams, learning new languages, and working with children.

Hope WambiHope Wambi is friendly, fun-loving, and loves to talk! As the Media & Advocacy Program Manager at Raising Voices, she works with the Good Schools team to reach as many schools as possible using the Good School Toolkit to prevent violence against children. She holds a Master’s degree in Management Studies and a post-graduate diploma in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Management Institute. She has over ten years of experience working with women and children with a focus on human rights. Outside of work, she is an active member of the Kampala Toast Masters Club, which is dedicated to helping people enhance public speaking and leadership skills.

Janet NakutiJanet Nakuti, more commonly known as Mama SASA!, due to her unwavering dedication to the SASA! approach, is a Learning Manager responsible for monitoring and learning. She conducts the monitoring and evaluation of SASA! in Kampala and is responsible for the day to day and periodic assessment and documenting of the progress of the implementation of SASA! She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Makerere University in Sociology. Before joining Raising Voices, she worked with Save the Children, UPHOLD, the Ministry of Health and Creative Research and Evaluation Centre doing research on the promotion and protection of social and health well-being. As a wife and mother, her dream is to support and inspire activism right from her household by fostering the values of non-violence, respect and non-discrimination at every opportunity.

Lori MichauLori Michau is a Co-founder and Co-director at Raising Voices where she invests abundant energy to create a supportive, inspiring and challenging work environment. Involved in all aspects of work at Raising Voices, she spends her days supporting staff and strategy development, developing ideas and programs, learning from experiences on the ground, and discovering new ways to promote violence prevention. Lori loves injecting beauty into her work through art and design and is detail-oriented to the point of mild obsession. Lori received her Masters in Human Rights at Makerere University and has lived in the region since 1995. Before co-founding Raising Voices, she worked at Kuleana Center for Children’s Rights and Jijenge! Women’s Center for Sexual Health. Lori is the author of several groundbreaking violence prevention methodologies, various articles and serves on many advisory boards.

Lucky KobugabeLucky Kobugabe is a Program Officer with the GBV Prevention Network hosted by Raising Voices. She is well known for her charismatic feminist spirit. She works together with the vast network of activist members from all over Africa to prevent violence against women. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Ethics and Human Rights from Makerere University. She is kind, calm and collected in her resoluteness and devotes herself towards fighting patriarchy.

Mastula NakibonekaMastula Nakiboneka is known as the “quiet storm” of the Good School team! As a Program Officer with the Good School program, her work involves building local and institutional activism by carrying out trainings on the Good School Toolkit, supporting new partners learning to use methodologies, and providing onsite technical support visits. Mastula graduated with a degree in Education from Makerere University, and previously taught at one of the pioneer schools where the Good School ideas were first pretested. Mastula has a great passion for art and fashion. She is inspired by the kindness of others and is great at making friends.

Milly NalutayaMilly Nalutaaya is a lover of figures and works as an Finance Assistant at Raising Voices. She is responsible for managing the documentation of the Raising Voices materials and stationery stores, assisting in the tracking of activity advances and proper filing of all the finance payment vouchers and programmatic data entry. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Quantitative Economics and she is finalizing a Masters of Statistics Degree from Makerere University’s School of Statistics. Before joining Raising Voices, she worked with Commonwealth Finance Solutions and the Institute of Statistics Research Consultancies in the areas of data management and analysis. Milly’s passion is data management and she is proud to be working with Raising Voices.

Natsnet GhebrebrhanNatsnet Ghebrebrhan wants to live up for the meaning of her name, which is freedom. At Raising Voices, she works as the VAW Prevention Coordinator. She supports the dynamic team in their VAW prevention efforts, and has been involved in the field of VAW prevention and response since 2001. She has a strong background on addressing VAW in the humanitarian context. Before joining Raising Voices, she worked in emergency and post-emergency settings in Eastern and Western Africa, and South-East Asia. She is excited about her shift from humanitarian to development programing. She hopes to contribute to the field of VAW prevention meaningfully, as well as figure out the alignment of introversion and passion for dancing.

Sara SiebertSara Siebert loves learning about new cultures and manifestations of the human spirit in her travels, and has a funny accent no one can place because she picks things up from everywhere she has lived. Based partly in the U.S. and partly in Haiti, she is a longtime fan of Raising Voices, where she first worked in 2004, and just keeps coming back. She has worked on issues of violence against women and girls for the past 19 years, in 11 countries, and acts as a Raising Voices Technical Advisor. In addition to helping other organizations use the SASA! methodology, she enjoys gardening, dancing, scuba diving and daily meditation.

Sophie NamySophie Namy loves connecting with people and having long conversations–especially when they provide new insights that help her make better sense of life! She is a feminist activist and researcher and has been working to prevent violence against women for over 10 years. Previously she was the Learning Coordinator at Raising Voices and Sophie continues to support the team as a Technical Advisor. She is also the founder of Healing and Resilience after Trauma (HaRT), an organization dedicated to supporting the well-being and resilience of women and girls who have experienced human trafficking.

Tabitha SuubiTabitha Suubi is a Communication Officer supporting the Media Program at Raising Voices. She works with other team members to plan and implement the national multimedia campaign and is responsible for running the SMS and sticker campaigns, managing media campaign databases, and tracking media campaign activities. She previously engaged in advocacy, raising awareness and mobilizing communities with the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP). She has also undertaken scholarly research projects with the Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). Tabitha holds a BA in Social Sciences from Makerere University and is currently pursuing her MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. Tabitha is inspired by her family to promote values of respect across humanity and has a soft spot in her heart for children.

Tvisha NevatiaTvisha Nevatia is curious, friendly and loves reading diverse literature and learning about different parts of the world! She is a feminist and is passionate about ending violence against women and children. She is a Technical Advisor for the Learning Team at Raising Voices, supporting both external research partnerships and internal monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Previously, Tvisha has worked at Innovation for Poverty Action Uganda and J-PAL South Asia where she oversaw randomized evaluations of interventions focusing on prevention of violence against women and increased female labor force participation. Tvisha has received her MSc in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science and her BA in Economics and Mathematics from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University.

Yvonne LaruniYvonne Laruni loves children and has worked with them for over five years. At Raising Voices, she is currently working as a Program Officer in the Good Schools program. Together with other members of her team, she conducts trainings and supports the implementation of the Good School Toolkit in order to prevent violence against children in Ugandan schools. Yvonne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Certificate in Customer Care from Makerere University Business School. Before joining Raising Voices full time, she was a field researcher, where she gained a Training Certificate in Research of Violence against Women. Yvonne is a 2009/2010 MILEAD Fellow and is committed to developing the role of children’s leadership in various spheres in African society. She is a proud mother of a lovely son.

Special Friends

Edgar KarungiEdgar Karungi is a freelance database expert, specializing in data and analytics, based in the UK. As a lover of sports, he is commonly called “coach” and is a proud fan of volleyball. He supports all departments at Raising Voices on streamlining their organization and data collection, and provides assistance to the Good Schools program with M&E. Edgar has ample experience with project planning and management, as well as practical approaches to data analysis using STATA and SPSS training from Makerere University. Prior to joining the Raising Voices family, Edgar worked at Mildmay Uganda as a data management officer and supported several USAID projects as a data consultant with PACE Uganda, FANTA II USAID project, and the Uganda Private Health Sector Support Program. Edgar is passionate about working with children to change behavior through sports.

HeidiHeidi Jo Brady is a freelance photographer who specializes in photojournalism and portraits. Based in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago, Heidi is the primary photographer for Raising Voices and over the past eight years she has made regular extended trips to the region. In Heidi’s extensive travels in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and South Africa, she seeks to capture the human experience with dignity and compassion. Heidi regularly makes staff, partners and community members giggle by climbing trees, laying in mud or perching precariously on buildings to get a good shot. More of Heidi’s work can be found at www.hjbphoto.com.

marcoMarco Tibasima is a talented artist who brings ideas to life. His work appeals to audiences of all ages. He injects humor and energy into his art, which comes in a variety of media including fine art, comics, large street art, and magazines. Marco works as a freelance artist for a variety of Tanzanian and international organizations on promoting social justice. Marco is a self-taught artist who through sheer determination, extraordinary talent and a fantastic spirit has become one of the most talented illustrators in Tanzania. He is the primary artist for all Raising Voices communication materials and publications. You can see more of Marco’s work at www.marcotibasima.blogspot.com or contact him directly at marcotibasima@yahoo.com.

1SamsonSamson Mwaka is Raising Voices’ resident graphic designer and has been creating visual art and graphic masterpieces for over 15 years. Since childhood, he has had a passion for creating, simplifying and putting things together to form visual patterns that communicate ideas. Samson has a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art from the Margaret Trowel School of Art at Makerere University and has worked with a diverse range of clients including government institutions, production houses, advertising agencies, banks and non government organizations. When he steps away from his trusty laptop, he is a family man with a very loving wife and children. He also enjoys swimming and cricket.

tinaTina Musuya is the Executive Director for Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP), with extensive experience in working with communities, institutions and policy makers to prioritize violence prevention in Uganda. Tina is responsible for all programmatic oversight for CEDOVIP work. She brings nine years of leadership experience in activism for promoting women’s rights in Uganda, with special skills in community mobilization for prevention of violence against women. She is pro-active and bears a track record of mentoring willing individuals into ‘Everyday Activists’ who stand up and act to prevent violence against women in their own relationships and communities. Tina loves to give staff nicknames at the office and is known for her determined spirit and disciplined exercise regime.

StephanieStephanie Sauve is a specialist with words, writing, story and voice. She uses a personal and interactive approach with all of her clients, helping them craft their messages and enhance their voices. Stephanie works regularly with Raising Voices on editing and finalizing publications, looking for every opportunity to make our publications all the more accessible and engaging. Staff refer to Stephanie as a magician because of her transformative editing prowess. You can learn more at stephaniesauve.com.

Leah GoldmanLeah Goldmann was known around the office for talking about and/or showing you pictures of her cat. She was a Technical Advisor at Raising Voices, supporting national, regional, and global advocacy initiatives to strengthen feminist-informed policy and programming on VAW prevention. Previously, she worked for the Ugandan Ministry of Health, developing policies, guidelines, and curricula to strengthen the health sector’s foundation in rights-based and gender transformative approaches. Leah received her Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University in New York. She’s a co-founder of the Society for Gender Professionals, a feminist, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting feminist action and applied research around the world. She’s inspired by international feminist initiatives seeking to dismantle the patriarchy and is always ready to join a new book club.

At Raising Voices, we know that change begins with ourselves. Working at Raising Voices is not just a professional experience; it is a personal journey. We support each other in reflecting on and envisioning the change we seek in our individual lives. We take the time to meaningfully examine why we each do this work, what it means to do this work, the values and dreams that brought us here, and how through our work, we grow ourselves.


The following leadership opportunities are currently available:

  • Technical Advisor, VAW Prevention Influencing. Raising Voices is looking for a passionate, creative feminist from the Global South to join our Violence Against Women Prevention Team as a Technical Advisor- Global Influencing & Accountability. The individual will lead Raising Voices VAW Prevention Global Influencing portfolio and serve as an Accountability co-lead under a new global VAW prevention initiative, ensuring that the rights of women and girls are prioritized throughout the project’s conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation. The successful candidate will have experience in prioritizing the safety of women and girls, violence against women prevention, and demonstrated experience in the production and dissemination of publications and communication campaigns! See job description and application instructions here.
  • Executive Director. Raising Voices is looking for a dynamic, feminist leader for a newly created Executive Director position. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Raising Voices’ work, the ideal candidate will come with a deep commitment to promoting social justice and human rights and will bring a rich experience as a values-driven leader in the Global South. The position requires an effective communicator with proficiency in strengthening and sustaining efficient management systems, strong linkages to funders, advocates and activists working on violence prevention. If you are a strategic thinker who is ready to help lead Raising Voices into the next chapter, we want to hear from you! See job description and apply here.
  • Violence against Children Prevention Director. Raising Voices is looking for an energetic person to lead an experienced team working to prevent violence against children (VAC). The right candidate will need a background in developing evidence informed interventions for VAC prevention, be an excellent manager and able to write and communicate clearly.  Some understanding of research methodology and creative, strategic thinking is required. If you are a quick learner and care passionately about preventing VAC, we want to hear from you. See job description and application instructions here.
  • Technical Manager – GBV Prevention Network. Are you looking for a space to unleash your feminist passion? Here is an opportunity! The GBV Prevention Network is looking for a dynamic feminist for the Technical Manager role – join us to support building a vibrant Network to prevent VAW in the Horn, East and Southern Africa here.

Please review positions carefully for the required qualifications and experience and application procedures for the position in the link provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Deadline: Rolling until filled.  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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