Violence against Women Basics

StartCulture and VAW–What is the connection?
  • Explore practical and positive ways to talk about tradition and culture in discussions of women’s rights and violence against women.
StartSASA! Awareness 2.1 – Understanding Power Imbalances
  • Stimulate participants’ focus on awareness.
  • Introduce the concept of power in relation to raising awareness.
  • Create an immediate experience of one group having power over another.
  • Highlight similarities between this simulation exercise and life in our communities.
  • Demonstrate how men’s power over women is the root cause of violence against women.
StartSASA! Awareness 2.2 – Why Power Imbalance Exists
  • Explore social expectations of girls and women, boys and men and how they contribute to an imbalance of power.
  • Experience men’s power over women.
  • Experience the consequences of community silence.
  • (Optional) Explore the power dynamics in the community.
StartSASA! Awareness 2.3 – Connecting Power, Violence and HIV
  • Explore the power dynamic in intimate relationships.
  • Guide participants in understanding how violence against women and HIV and AIDS are connected.
  • Recognize how women’s lives are limited because of the threat of violence.
StartBoundaries around SASA! issues: Focusing Discussions
  • Understand what issues are and are not addressed in SASA!