National Advocacy

CEDOVIP’s National Advocacy program works to influence attitudes, behaviors, policy and practice to prevent violence against women in Uganda through two strategies: national media campaign and policy advocacy.

Media Campaign

CEDOVIP maintains a regular media presence in Uganda on critical violence against women issues through working with journalists and media outlets to broadcast provoking stories and presenting facts through electronic and print media to the general public, leaders and policy makers. Activities include:

  • Media watch campaigns to recognize ethical reporting and call out against sensationalized reporting.
  • Articles, radio talk shows, and press conferences.
  • Work with editors and journalists to strengthen their skills to objectively report on violence against women.
  • Annual 16 Days of Activism campaign.
  • Discussions on social media networks.
  • Public dialogues on topical issues with academia, policy makers, leaders of government institutions, religious leaders, general public and members of civil society.


Policy Advocacy

CEDOVIP influences the creation of a policy and legal framework that effectively prevents and responds to violence against women. Activities include:

  • Supporting national policy development and advocacy for enactment of specific legislation on violence against women.
  • Coordinating the Domestic Violence Act Coalition and the PEP Coalition.
  • Supporting the successful passing of the Domestic Violence Bill through creative and accessible advocacy efforts that unified the voices of all members of society to highlight the benefits of passing the bill.
  • Advocating for allocation of government funds toward implementation of the Domestic Violence Act in communities.
  • Translating of the Domestic Violence Act into eight local languages to increase accessibility.
  • Working in partnership with other civil society coalitions in support of laws that are protective of women’s rights.
  • Informing position papers and upcoming bills with feminist perspective.
  • Supporting the implementation process of the Domestic Violence Act.