National Prevention of Violence against Women

To realize significant gains in preventing violence against women and women’s vulnerability to HIV, CEDOVIP works to reach out and build a critical mass across the country. These efforts aim to promote prevention of violence against women in Uganda by bringing together civil society organizations (CSOs) and government structures to strengthen skills, influence institutional practice and transform individuals and communities.


 SASA! in Busoga Region

Currently, CEDOVIP works in partnership with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Irish Aid and the Uganda Women’s Network to address gender-based violence in 32 sub counties in eight rural districts in the Busoga region in Eastern Uganda.

Rather than implementing SASA! in these eight districts themselves, CEDOVIP works with the local government and the Ministry of Gender to support their staff to implement SASA!. This support includes building the capacity of implementing staff as well as inspiring the shifting of their own attitudes and behaviors as they move through the SASA! approach and adapt it to the rural context. For many years, the local government and civil society worked in silos and the government focused primarily on responding to violence against women.

Through CEDOVIP’s work, violence prevention has been integrated and local government structures and district leaders are becoming more and more empowered to address violence against women and take responsibility for the safety of women in their own communities. 

National SASA! Implementation

In addition, in collaboration with Raising Voices, CEDOVIP is scaling up the SASA! approach in Uganda through collaborations with six civil society organizations throughout the country. Fostering long-lasting and meaningful relationships, CEDOVIP mentors and provides guidance to staff based on their own experiences implementing SASA! In this way, CEDOVIP and partners combine efforts to integrate SASA! into VAW prevention programming in a variety of contexts, meeting diverse needs and reaching an extensive scale.

What are we learning?

With CEDOVIP’s encouragement, national partners are successfully incorporating SASA’s ideas about balancing power and creating social norm change into violence prevention work. Local government programs and structures are now confronting the issue of violence with bold and systematic efforts. CEDOVIP adds fuel to their fire as they walk each step of the journey with their partners—gaining insight about how to cultivate relationships, infuse ideas and adapt the SASA! approach to strengthen violence prevention and keep women safe throughout Uganda.

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