Raising Voices

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Raising Voices requires the services of an ICT Specialist who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the ICT functions. support of computer hardware and operating software. This is a full-time, temporary (6 months) opportunity based at the Raising Voices Kampala office.

Role Description

IT Support & Infrastructure

  • Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners.
  • Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades of all systems
  • Setting up office 365 accounts for staff, training them and providing continuous support.
  • Talking to staff and computer users to determine the nature of any problems they encounter
  • Responding to and addressing computer breakdowns
  • Investigating, diagnosing, and solving computer software and hardware faults
  • Repairing equipment and replacing parts
  • Ensuring servicing of computers & printers is done routinely
  • Advising on procurement of replacement or specialist components
  • Checking computers and other equipment for electrical safety
  • Archiving old files and deleting duplicate files
  • Applying system updates and patches. Anti-virus implementation.
  • Periodic cleaning of all IT equipment and their components
  • Checks and maintenance of downloaded software packages
  • Hardware and other equipment check
  • Vulnerability, security & compliance scans. Verify the health of the server drive arrays. Monitor system alarms and system health
  • Using diagnostic tools to anticipate possible failures and to try to avoid them before they occur. Monitoring of all computer system

Network & Infrastructure

  • Installing, replacing, or upgrading both hardware and software
  • Monitoring, tuning, and optimizing the network
  • Documenting the network and maintaining network documentation
  • Securing the network from both internal and external threats
  • Planning for network upgrades, expansions, or enhancements.
  • Scheduling backups and restoring services or the network from backups
  • Ensuring compliance with legal regulations and corporate policies
  • Reviewing and sharing troubleshooting problem reports
  • Maintaining and updating device configurations
  • Verify the performance of the network and all network endpoints
  • Internetwork devices in the network
  • Baseline the performance of the network itself
  • Understand the amount of direction and traffic flows in the network
  • Identify and troubleshoot potential network issues

Services Management

  • Operate and control ICT services offered to the entire organization through policies, structured processes, and supporting procedures.
  • Ensure systems perform reliably while managing risk and protecting core assets.
  • Review and or update ICT procedures & manuals whenever it is appropriate to match the organization activities.

Capacity Building

  • Collaborate with program managers to identify IT training needs. Schedule appropriate training sessions. Oversee and direct individual training sessions, and webinars.
  • Plan and implement an effective IT training curriculum.
  • Train and guide new employees on the simple computer
  • Develop monitoring systems to ensure that all employees are performing job responsibilities according to training.

Documentation and Reporting 

  • Proper documentation and tracking of daily ICT tasks and ICT inventory
  • Ensure weekly / monthly ICT reports are done in time and submitted to line manager for review.

Any other duties

  • You may be requested to handle any other duties not included in the above but commensurate with the position. as may be requested through your supervisor.


Essential Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology and any certification in Systems, Database or Networks
  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair hardware, software, and peripheral components.
  • At least 3 years ICT Support experience with an in-depth knowledge of system administration, network administration, services support processes in a busy work
  • Background in end-user ICT Support
  • Excellent knowledge of ICT systems and infrastructure
  • Broad understanding of computer systems, computer applications, network infrastructure, security, and digital technologies.
  • Good analytical, diagnostic and communication skills and ability to express complex technical concepts effectively (both verbally and in writing)
  • Ability to work independently in an ICT Support capacity.
  • Good People management skills and ability to troubleshoot basic desktop and network connection issues and resolve issues accordingly.

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit a thoughtful cover letter and CV below. Deadline is by 17th June 2022.

Application Instructions Form

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