SASA! Faith, developed in partnership with Troicare, is an adaptation of the SASA! An Activist Kit for Preventing Violence Against Women and HIV. It is currently being used across the Horn, East, and Southern Africa.

SASA! Faith takes the structure, process and content SASA! and adapts it for use by religious communities. It focuses on the Christian and Muslim faiths, because it originated in Africa where these are the two major religions. However, it was created with a global focus and can be adapted to any faith in any country.

SASA! Faith includes: a guide with staff guidance and materials to be used in the faith community, a training manual for the SASA! Faith team and network for each phase of implementation, and assessment tools to learn from programming.

See below for all resources and materials related to SASA! Faith.


The SASA! Faith Guide is a simple, spiral binder including staff guidance and materials that can be easily photocopied and used in the faith community.


Training Manual

The SASA! Faith training manual complements the guide, and includes training for SASA! Faith Team and Network for each phase of implementation.

SASA! Faith Training Manual_Final_lowres


 CD with all materials

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.25.40 PM

These are print-ready files. If you are interested to translate and adapt materials please contact us at for the InDesign versions.


Assessment Tools

Rapid Assessment Survey

Phase Plan

Phase Plan Team

Outcome Tracking

Activity Report Form

Referral List

SASA! Faith Power Point

Brochure and Info Sheets


VAW Info Sheet

HIV Info Sheet

Community Conversations




Power Posters

Christian Start

Christian Awareness

Christian Support

Christian Action

Muslim Start

Muslim Awareness

Muslim Support

Muslim Action

Community Posters




Supplemental Materials

Online Only!

SASA! Faith supplemental materials include a Card Game, Leadership Leaflet and expanded information on Community Action Groups for each phase.


Card Game Awareness

Community Action Groups Awareness

Leadership Leaflet Awareness


Card Game Support

Community Action Groups Support

Leadership Leaflet Support


Card Game Action

Community Action Groups Action

Leadership Leaflet Action