Welcome to SASA! Together: An Activist Approach for Preventing Violence Against Women

What is SASA! Together? SASA! Together is a revision of the SASA! Activist Kit. It is the culmination of 10 years of learning and practice within Raising Voices and with our partners. SASA! Together is a community mobilization approach that encourages the whole community — individuals, leaders and institutions — to question and change what is considered normal or acceptable. It helps us consider how balanced power between women and men can make us all safer, happier and healthier.

Who can access SASA! Together? Raising Voices is committed to open access to all of our materials. At the same time, some groups have used SASA! in ways that have compromised women’s safety and the principles of ethical VAW prevention programming. Therefore, for SASA! Together we require all organizations/individuals who would like full access to the methodology to sign up and agree to basic terms of use that can ensure safe and ethical VAW prevention programming.

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