The strength to act lives in everyone

At Raising Voices, we believe in inspiring community members themselves to lead positive and powerful activism.

At Raising Voices, we strive to inspire and support community members to create healthy new examples of what a relationship, home, school, police department or church could look like.  To maximize these examples of activism, we collaborate with communities and schools, and we also strengthen organizations and groups that are evolving their violence prevention mandate. Lastly, to support it all, we create multimedia and communication tools, so that the benefits of nonviolence become a constant in public dialogue.


Our experience has convinced us that we must nurture three key drivers for effective activism:

Local Activism

We create and support the implementation of methodologies that engage students to hairstylists, parents to clergy in leading change in their communities.

Institutional Activism

We strengthen the skills and understanding of groups expanding their role in the prevention of violence against women and children.

Media and Communications

We produce creative media and communication tools—allowing ideas of nonviolence to permeate the public imagination, while equipping others to amplify the ideas.