Raising Voices

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Featured Series

Communicating to Prevent Violence Against Children

This story is a documentation of our communications ideas and process to facilitating a national dialogue to prevent violence against children.

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Learning from Practice

The Learning From Practice series is a collection of articles that synthesize perspectives and activism emerging from Raising Voices’ experience in preventing violence against women and children.

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Programming for Prevention

The Programming for Prevention Series is a collection of briefs designed to address critical challenges and questions in violence against women prevention programming.

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SASA! Adaptations

This series includes learning documented from a study on SASA! Adaptations in diverse settings: humanitarian, rural and Caribbean.

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Creating Change

The Creating Change Series are simple case studies of quality programming happening around the world to prevent violence against women and children.

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Guidance Notes on Preventing Violence during COVID-19

Sustained activism and prevention programming remains vital during the COVID-19 pandemic—as does addressing the immediate risks to women and children posed by lockdowns and other COVID-19 requirements which can exacerbate violence, isolate survivors and limit access to essential services.This series offers practical ideas and strategies to activist organizations working to prevent violence during these challenging times.

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