Raising Voices

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Our Impact

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Reduction in risk of violence against women in SASA! communities

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Reduction in violence against children in Good Schools

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Activists in the GBV Prevention Network

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Schools in Uganda using the Good School Toolkit

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Get Moving! helped me to relate to feminism and activist. …I realized that every one of us can be an activist as long as you are passionate and willing to do something about violence.

GBV Prevention Network Member, Uganda

One of the things that was very important was building movements. Not just working for one organization, but [also] thinking about how we grow outside the organization so we can build a bigger movement to prevent violence against women.

Activist, Botswana

This concept of power is the most intriguing thing I have come across recently. When I randomly picked the booklet on power, I didn’t know that it would become a turning point for me. I have learnt a lot about power. I have learnt how to use power in my marriage. My office is one which yields a lot of power, and it is easy to abuse this power without even noticing it. I have learnt to be conscious about how I use my power with the people I supervise. I feel happier and more fulfilled.

Ministry of Education Official, Uganda

The Good School Program enabled me to gain confidence. I was so shy, but the teacher protagonist supported me and encouraged me by giving me an opportunity to address students on the assembly, and now I can say that I am a confident person.

Male Student, Luwero, Uganda
Making a Difference

Community Impact

Couples, families, friends and neighbors—these are powerful forces in our lives. When those closest to us change, when they support gender equality, non-violence and respect, our lives become safer and happier. Our evidence-based approach, SASA!, is used in over 500 communities around the world, supporting communities in changing long-held attitudes and practices by demonstrating the benefits of balanced power through creative and sustained activism. Positive change is happening!

Supportive Leaders in Busoga

Expanding Freedoms in Pakistan

Making A Difference
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Impact in Schools

In safe schools, children can thrive. They can learn. They can be children. Our evidence-based approach, the Good School Toolkit, is being used in primary and secondary schools across Uganda. Children, teachers, parents and administrators are working together to end corporal punishment and embark on a new journey in which positive discipline and dignity are the norm.

The Good School Toolkit Reduces Caning

Teachers in Kabarole Responding to Positive Discipline Strategies

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Making A Difference
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Organizational Impact

As a feminist organization in the Global South, we partner with and support other organizations interested in deepening their feminist analysis, strengthening their violence prevention skills and building stronger collectives. We’ve worked with over 600 organizations that are strengthening movements to prevent violence and to promote women’s and children’s rights.

Building the Capacity of Community-Based Violence Prevention Centers

Walking the Walk With Get Moving!

Making a Difference

Global Impact

Grounded in the realities of life for women and children, we use our platform in global spaces to amplify our learning from practice, advocate for change and influence the broader fields of violence against women prevention and violence against children prevention.

Global Evidence Review on Violence Against Children in Schools

Activist Voices in Global Spaces

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