Raising Voices

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Ways To Partner


Raising Voices brings people together. We make connections, inject new ideas and support collective change. Engaging as a network brings energy, solidarity and joint activism!

We’ve coordinated the GBV Prevention Network since 2003, bringing together activists and organizations preventing violence against women across the Horn, East and Southern Africa. We also lead the Peer Learning Network in Uganda, bringing together teachers, parents and organizations to create supportive schools where children can thrive. We take leadership in the Uganda Child Rights NGO Network, a group dedicated to preventing sexual violence against children. We are also part of intersectoral working groups on violence against children and on violence against children in schools.

We co-created and build the capacity of Violence Against Children Prevention Centers as one-stop centers that support violence against children prevention and response in two districts in Uganda.

Ways To Partner

Advocacy Collectives

Partnering with like-minded organizations leverages shared experiences and strengthens our voice. Raising Voices convenes and participates in collectives that promote change.

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Ways To Partner

Strengthening Skills

Through the Violence Prevention Learning Center, Raising Voices provides technical assistance to groups across Uganda and the world. With partners in every region, we mentor, train and support groups—large and small—preventing violence against women and children in their own communities.