Raising Voices

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Our Work to Prevent Violence Against Women

With a clear vision, persistence and compassion, we work across Practice, Learning and Influencing to prevent violence against women.

Group of women reading a poster about Violence against Women

We develop creative, impactful methodologies and partner with activists and sister organizations around the world for transformative prevention programming.

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With an expansive, open-hearted approach to learning, we are discovering the what, why and how behind impactful violence against women programming.

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Through our Influencing, we motivate activists, policymakers, researchers and funders to uphold ethical and evidence-based principles in our shared goal of preventing violence against women.

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Activism in Action

Feminist activism is at the heart of the Violence Against Women prevention team. Challenging the status quo, elevating activist voices, confronting power inequalities, building solidarity, strengthening skills (and more!), the team is relentlessly optimistic about what we can accomplish together.

Solidarity During the COVID-19 Crisis

Communities Changing Norms in Tanzania

Let’s Get Moving! to Prevent Violence

Multi-Sectoral Partnerships Creating Greater Impact

If it was possible, everyone in this community should come to SASA! activities to hear. They really touch us a lot, because they are based on reality, not just wolokoso [empty talk].

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