Raising Voices

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Our Work to Prevent Violence Against Children

Up to a billion children experience violence every year. This violence has far-reaching consequences for children, their families and their communities. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Violence against children is preventable.

Three children playing with a bicycle on the beach

Our practices address systems that influence children's lives. We work with the education sector, community-based organizations and leaders to prevent violence against children.

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Searching questions are embedded in everything we do: Why and how do we do it? What changes emerge? And how can we do it more efficiently? We create the space to ask those questions and adopt a learning posture, with a clear intention to center children’s voices and perspectives.

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Child writing on a chalkboard in classroom
Featured Series

We host dialogues at the community level and on public media. Our content aims to catalyze reflection, discussion and actions—ultimately influencing the kinds of relationships adults create with children.

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Holistic Engagement to Transform Children’s Experiences

We engage children and the communities that support and encourage them. Our collaborations across society—households, schools, partner organizations and policymakers—are making a positive difference in children’s lives.

Local Leadership for Good Schools

Local Activism Through Household Dialogues

Our Violence Prevention Mobile App

Supporting Partners Through Crisis

We as children now have a collective voice. …We [are] no longer scared to ask teachers [what we want] for fear that we will be abused or [that the] teacher will say no. We have come to realize that the teachers are now highly concerned and respond to us; they are no longer as tough as they were before.

Male Student, Good School