Principles of Community Mobilization

StartSASA! Start Prep 1 – Facilitating Change Using the SASA! Process
  • Guide participants in understanding the stages of change.
  • Link the stages of change to the four SASA phases.
  • Guide participants in realizing that people’s feelings during a process of change affect their success in making the desired change.
  • Practice a positive, benefits-based approach for facilitating change.
StartGuiding Principles of Community Mobilization
  • Guide participants in understanding the guiding principles of community mobilization for prevention of violence against women.
StartPracticing Benefits-Based Conversations: Issue Framing
  • Participants practice skills in articulating benefits of nonviolence to different groups in the community.
StartSelecting Realistic Intervention Areas
  • Select realistic areas of intervention that allow for effective engagement to achieve change, respecting the principles of community mobilization.