Evidence of change inspires shared vision

At Raising Voices, we engage with decision makers to advise on policy, funding and initiatives in support of violence prevention.

Opportunities for violence prevention multiply when the people writing policy and supporting programming understand the realities in communities. Decisions made at a global level ripple down to influence the success of local efforts.  Raising Voices is committed to pursuing relationships and opportunities that will allow violence prevention priorities to shape decisions at all levels, while advancing the field as a whole.

Our work to strengthen our influence is organized around three broad clusters of activities:

Informing Policy

We work with donors, development agencies and the Government of Uganda to develop policies and strategies that prioritize violence prevention.

Networks and Alliances

We join with a full spectrum of groups to develop a shared analysis of violence prevention, a culture of solidarity and the opportunities for collective action.

Global Dialogue

We are committed to convening global thought leaders to wrestle with complex questions, challenge each other’s thinking, and move the field forward internationally.