The courage to learn accelerates change

At Raising Voices, we believe in analysing our work for patterns and revelations that inspire the innovation that violence prevention requires.

We share what we learn in hopes of strengthening collective progress. As practitioners in violence prevention, we must look beyond each person, each activity and each project and contribute to the body of knowledge that will let us all break new ground. At Raising Voices, we are uniquely positioned for this work. With our methodologies in 75 countries and a reputation for innovation, we seek insights that could spark the next promising practice.

We will invest significantly in three core areas to learn from our activism and expand our influence:

Organization Learning

We believe in incorporating learning and research into our work—to find out what works and what doesn’t, and to uncover unexpected opportunities.

Creating Methodologies

We experiment with translating theories of social change and violence prevention into practical ideas for communities. There is always something new under development.

Disseminating Ideas

We share our methodologies, tools and ideas freely and broadly—always seeking new ways to reach more people, keen to learn from how our work is used, challenged and evolved.