Creating Methodologies

Innovation unfolds one step at a time. Each success and discovery reveals the next step forward—often calling for a little risk and experimentation. Our programs move through a cycle of implementing, learning and strengthening. The following initiatives include ground-breaking approaches, new ideas under development and pilot adaptations of existing methodologies:

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Calls to prevent violence against women and children are now echoing around the world. There is broad consensus that violence must be prevented—Raising Voices focuses on how to do that effectively and creatively. In an effort to translate policy statements into real, actionable program approaches, Raising Voices develops and publishes user-friendly, culturally relevant program tools and methodologies to assist organizations to develop strong and effective violence against women and children prevention programs.

  • With an emphasis on community mobilization and holistic approaches, all of our program tools are theoretically grounded and have been extensively tested.
  • In addition to practical tools, we also develop conceptual tools that help frame issues in new ways to inspire community members to take action. Our tools are currently being used in more than 75 countries around the world and are free and available for non-profit use.

Explore, download or order our program tools below.

VAW Prevention Tools

VAC Prevention Tools


In recent years, SASA! and the Good School Toolkit have spread their wings and are now being used in different places and unique settings. Raising Voices embraces the opportunity to reach more women and communities to help make children and women’s lives safer all over the world and we welcome the expansion of our methodologies within and beyond the region.

Are you interested in expanding or adapting one of our approaches to better fit your local context? We will:

  • Encourage and work with you to make them your own.
  • Embrace partnerships with organizations who wish to adapt them to their specific contexts.

Learn about SASA! Adaptations

Learn about SASA! Faith

Learn about Good School Adaptations

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