Get Moving! Facilitator’s Guide and Participant’s Workbook

What does it mean to be an activist? Do we live the values of non-violence in our own lives? How can organizations be spaces of growth and mentoring?

Get Moving! explores these ideas and more. It is a reflective process developed by the GBV Prevention Network Coordinating Office for member organizations to strengthen the understanding and commitment of individuals and organizations to the core values of violence prevention work–equality and non-violence.

How Get Moving! Works

  • Get Moving’s! Facilitator’s Guide consists of ten interactive sessions, each covering a provocative topic that fosters deep individual and collective reflection, revealing key insights for commitment to values-driven work. Each session builds upon the last, with growing momentum as an organization moves from focusing on the individual to the organization, to the movement.

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  • A Participant’s Workbook is given to all staff of participating member organizations. It is a notebook and reader in one, and is used in the privacy of their homes for further reflection and to increase engagement with Get Moving! ideas.

    Download Get Moving! Participant’s Workbook  


Get Moving! is designed for any organization working on violence against women or women’s rights work in general. It aims to provide opportunities for intensive self-reflection and self-discovery in order to lead staff to feeling more passionate about and committed to their work. Get Moving’s! activities and discussions help build a positive organizational culture by exploring not just what the organization does but more so how it does it.

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