In Her Shoes Toolkit

for Reflecting on Violence Against Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

How does the world look from another’s perspective – particularly from the view of a woman who is experiencing violence? In Her Shoes allows us to temporarily experience life as a woman experiencing violence. It is an interactive, educational exercise used in a workshop setting to help us connect to the day-to-day reality for women experiencing violence, deepen our empathy and compel us to take action.

An African Adaptation

In Her Shoes was originally developed by the Washington State Coalition on Domestic Violence in 2000 then adapted for the Latin American context by Intercambios in 2006. The GBV Prevention Network in collaboration with over 100 Network members and supported by PATH adapted the Toolkit for the sub-Saharan African context in 2011.


How In Her Shoes Works

During this three hour group process, participants ‘walk in the shoes’ of girls and women experiencing violence by reading a series of short narratives that describe her experiences. Participants are then challenged to make real-life choices that determine ‘their’ fate. By walking in the shoes of women experiencing violence, participants gain powerful insight into the many obstacles women face as a result of violence.

The toolkit contains all the supplies necessary to conduct the group exercise including:

  • 10 unique stories depicting the realities of women experiencing violence in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 16 station cards to bring the activity to life.
  • A handbook to provide guidance for facilitation.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the realities of women experiencing violence can benefit from walking In Her Shoes.