Mobilizing Communities To Prevent Domestic Violence

A Resource Guide for Organizations in East and Southern Africa

What does systematic violence prevention in communities look like? How can an organization do this well? The Resource Guide was Raising Voices’ first methodology and was globally one of the first long-term, documented approaches for community-based domestic violence prevention.

How the Resource Guide Works

In a straightforward style, designed for activist organizations, the Resource Guide:

  • Provides an accessible and practical description of systematic community mobilization to prevent domestic violence.
  • Is accompanied by resources that assist organizations to plan, implement and monitor a violence prevention project.
  • Suggests a structure for facilitating social change through the active participation and leadership of a cross section of community members.
  • Includes a variety of low-cost activities and gives practical examples of learning materials, training events, and documentation and monitoring ideas for direct use or to inspire further ideas.

The Resource Guide is organized into five phases of community mobilization with detailed guides for planning, implementing and monitoring each phase. By breaking a long-term project down into phases of community mobilization, organizations can engage their communities in manageable and systematic pieces. Each phase builds on the achievements of the previous phase and helps keep the implementing organization focused. Likewise, the five strategies help organizations diversify the activities being conducted to ensure that a cross section of the community is reached in significant numbers.

Organizations can use the Resource Guide as a foundation for their community intervention, as a rich library of activity suggestions, or as a reference to supplement their ideas and technical knowledge.


Download the Resource Guide.