Raising Voices

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Are you working to support activism and prevent violence against children (VAC) in your communities? If so, please check out our our latest resource: the Community Activism Toolkit (CAT). We are excited to introduce you to this tool, which provides organizations and individual activists with practical activities to mobilize communities for VAC prevention. Have a look inside–we believe that you will find some inspiring ideas you can use and adapt in your VAC prevention work.

Since 2020, Raising Voices has been using an innovative approach to scale-up the Good Schools Toolkit. We are training and supporting 43 Regional Resource Persons (RRP) to roll out the Good School Toolkit in over 1,000 primary schools spread across Uganda. In partnership with the LSHTM and AfriChild Centre, we are conducting a mixed-methods study to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of our approach. Further we are exploring  how schools are experiencing a re-opening after nearly two-years of closures due to COVID-19. This past February we completed a training for researchers and kicked off data collection in 10 districts (across 4 regions) in Uganda, Yee! We can’t wait to see the findings!

Over the years, the Violence against Children and Learning teams have worked together to improve the quality and ease of implementing the Good School Toolkit. Towards this aim, we are excited to launch the Good Schools Program Mobile application–your companion to creating a Good School! Anyone can download and use the app to build their knowledge on how to prevent violence against children in schools, based on the Good School Toolkit. On the app you can also find and download Toolkit materials and creative learning modules. We also provide a platform for users to track their progress, assess program outcomes, connect with peers on discussion boards, and more! This February we trained 43 Regional Resource Persons to use the app.

The app is accessible from anywhere in the world on Google Play Store here. All the learning materials accessed by anyone from anywhere around the world. Try it out and learn how to prevent violence against children in schools and in your homes. A violence free childhood is everyone’s right!