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CUSP originated in 2016, when Raising Voices and Salamander Trust began informal conversations about challenges and opportunities in their own methodologies (SASA! and Stepping Stones, respectively) being taken to scale.

We organized CUSP, a community of practice, to draw on a broader collective of experiences on social norms change interventions to prevent violence against women and girls and improve sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The five additional organizations in CUSP represent a wealth of combined experience and include the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP), Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity (IMAGE), the Center on Gender Equity and Health – UC San Diego, Oxfam, and Tostan.

Each member of CUSP has developed a unique methodology designed to promote social norms change. Although the methodologies range from group-based initiatives to community mobilization to mass media campaigns, they are drawn together by a commitment to key principles, aspirations and values.

CUSP represents a unique perspective of evidence-based methodologies from organizations that have worked both autonomously and with a variety of partners to implement, adapt and/or scale up interventions. Based on the growing demand for social norms change programming from donors, CUSP members reflect critically on what it takes to adapt and scale their methodologies effectively and ethically.

Interested in learning more about CUSP or sharing your experiences about scaling up violence against women prevention programming? Contact us at info@raisingvoices.org.

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