Raising Voices

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Angel Faridah Mirembe, commonly known as “Aunt Angel Na’baato” (Aunt Angel with the kids) a popular title acquired because of her famous radio talk show where she hosts children from across the country to talk about their life experiences. She is so strong about building relationships and passionate about community work with a great desire to serve those in need and impacting them positively. Angel is a Program Officer in the VAC Prevention Team at Raising Voices. She spends her days supporting research collaborations, training, managing research teams, and promoting iterative learning specifically in the Violence against Children department, helping the Good School team to track progress of their work in schools and communities and coordinating knowledge integration at Raising Voices. Angel attended Kyambogo University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Community Development. Before joining Raising Voices, she worked for Medical Research Council as an intern supporting qualitative research. She was then hired by Raising Voices as a field supervisor on the Good School Study, a randomized control trial in 42 schools in Luwero district, Angel also obtained a certificate in research on Violence Against Children with this engagement. Angel’s passion is working with and inspiring children both in and out of school, and she can most often be found with them—whether through her work, her church, her family, and community at large.