Raising Voices

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Caroline Wabomba Ssenfuka is the ICT Manager at Raising Voices. She is an Engineer and IT professional holding a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering, a Diploma in Information Technology and a CCNA certification. She is a humble, lively, and energetic techie who loves bringing a smile to peers. She believes women can excel in technology fields and that’s why she embraces technology as one of her hobbies and sails in it with a lot of passion. She handles and operates machines and computers like toys. Besides her tech world, she lives a life of God ahead of everything she does. She loves people and talks with a smile. Carol loves children and no one can harm a child in front of her. Before joining Raising Voices, Carol was working in the telecommunications industry where she maintained and managed hybrid and alarm systems for Airtel, MTN and Africell Masts for a period of ten years.