Raising Voices

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Guillermo Salazar is a consultant for the SASA! Cohort in Mexico. He is from Guatemala, a small country located in Central America; a green corner, full of parrots, handicrafts and volcanoes. As a member of the SASA! team he provides training and technical support to indigenous groups working on violence prevention in their communities.  Previously, Guillermo worked for many years looking for children lost during the war in Guatemala and supporting their families. He has also worked accompanying men who use violence. Guillermo enjoys playing guitar and singing with his daughter. She studies music and being with her is full of beautiful moments.  Guillermo is very motivated to share experiences and enjoys facilitating processes in which people grow and are happier. As a good listener, Guillermo enjoys hearing other's stories and sharing his own – he believes that life in community with others is lighter and more beautiful.