Raising Voices

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Olive is known for her extensive skills for community mobilization and a positive attitude towards life. With a quiet spirit, she sprinkles kindness everywhere she goes. Olive first worked as a researcher at Rakai Health Sciences Program on the Safe Homes and Respect for Everyone (SHARE) project. She has extensive knowledge of the SASA! approach, having worked on the SASA! baseline survey at Raising Voices, and later joining CEDOVIP as a program officer where she led the implementation of three rounds of SASA! in Kampala and supported the groundbreaking SASA! study. After CEDOVIP, she briefly worked as a consultant for organizations implementing SASA! At Raising Voices, she is a Technical manager and provides technical supports to SASA! partners. Those close to Olive know her love for visual arts and gardening. Olive holds a BA in Development Studies from Makerere University and has undertaken several professional certifications on good ethical practices, essentials and principles for effective VAW prevention and human subject protection training for social behavioral and biomedical research.