2020 Annual Report

Our 2020 Annual Report is here! Read about the highlights of Raising Voices’ year, and where we are going next.


Raising Voices is accepting applications for SASA! TOGETHER Partnerships

Is your organization interested in mobilizing communities to prevent violence against women? Are you considering using a systematic approach that will enable you to achieve meaningful results? Raising Voices is excited to announce SASA! Together Technical Assistance partnership opportunity. If your organisation is interestedplease review the selection criteria  to check eligibility

Complete the SASA! Together Technical Assistance Partnership Application form by 15th September 2020 and send to learningcenter@raisingvoices.org   Questions? Contact learningcenter@raisingvoices.org


2019 Annual Report

Our 2019 Annual Report is here! Read about the highlights of Raising Voices’ year, and where we are going next.


Call for applications; Capacity building on the Good School Toolkit

Are you interested in developing your capacity to use the Good School Toolkit for preventing Violence Against Children?

The Violence Prevention Learning Center is pleased to announce an opportunity for capacity building on the Good School Toolkit which will take place in Kampala from 1st December 2019. The training will introduce you to a set of ideas and tools that will help you to explore the key components of a Good School and how you can create one.

You can learn more about the Good School Toolkit here.

Click here to download the application form and submit to learningcenter@raisingvoices.org not later 31st January 2020.  

Stay tuned for the Revised SASA!

The Revised SASA! Activist Approach for Preventing VAW is coming in 2019! Learn more here.

Raising Voices releases Statement on Sexual Harassment

On Thursday 7th March 2019, Raising Voices held a press conference at Ibamba Restaurant in Kamwokya, Kampala, where we presented our updated Statement on Sexual Harassment to members of the press. Read the full statement here.

2018 Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Report is here! Read about the highlights of Raising Voices’ year, and where we are going next.

Raising Voices shares new strategy

We are excited to share our Strategy Summary for 2018-2022. Read the full Strategy here.

Job Opportunities at Raising Voices

We’re hiring! Learn more about several current openings here! 

Job Opportunities with Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM)

The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM) is an advocacy collective of thought leaders, activists, practitioners and academics working globally to end violence against women and girls (VAWG).

To build the confidence and competence of practitioners, researchers, policymakers and other advocates, COFEM is seeking to hire a consultant to develop the ‘Feminist Pocketbook’ – a series of short, easily digestible tip sheets. For full scope of the assignment and application process, please click here.

COFEM is seeking the services of an individual or a firm to design and build COFEM’s website. The website’s main functions will be to showcase and disseminate COFEM’s research, activities and advocacy work to stakeholders in the humanitarian and development field. For full scope of the assignment and application process, please click here.

COFEM is looking for a part-time advocacy and communications intern. Read more here.


Feminist Perspectives on Addressing Violence against Women and Girls

The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM) launches the Feminist Perspectives on Addressing Violence against Women and Girls series:

Paper 1: How a lack of accountability undermines work to address violence against women and girls
Paper 2: Reframing language of ‘GBV’ away from feminist underpinnings
Paper 3: Finding the balance between scientific and social change goals, approaches and methods
Paper 4: Funding: Whose priorities?
Paper 5: Eclipsed: When a broad protection agenda obscures the needs of women and girls

Raising Voices is a proud member of the Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM), which was created in 2017 to reassert a feminist perspective in violence against women and girls (VAWG) work, is a collective of over 80 activists, academics, and practitioners working globally to end VAWG. The Feminist Perspectives on Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls Series is a collection of papers written by COFEM members to articulate concerns and aspirations for the shrinking space for feminist analysis in VAWG efforts in development and humanitarian settings.

On the CUSP of Change

The Community for Understanding Scale Up (CUSP) launches: On the CUSP of Change: Effective scaling of social norms programming for gender equality at the SVRI Forum in Rio, Brazil. Raising Voices and Salamander Trust are the co-conveners of the CUSP Working Group.

See the CUSP Panel Presentation at SVRI here.

Raising Voices launches PIVOT

Organizations and funders regularly request Raising Voices to support capacity development for VAW prevention – the PIVOT (Preventing Violence Together)Partnerships aim to respond to this need. These partnerships recognize that there is no single approach to VAW prevention, but rather a set of principles that, when applied well, can make our work more effective.

The year-long PIVOT Partnerships between Raising Voices, regional (Africa) organizations, and their funders will include four days of training in Kampala and one year of technical assistance. Learn more here.

Global reports highlight SASA! and the Good School Toolkit

A new global report highlights the Good School Toolkit and SASA! as evidenced-based strategies for ending Violence against Children (VAC). The “Inspire Package” – developed by the World Health Organization (in partnership with CDC, UNICEF, USAID, the World Bank, and several other large institutions) promotes 7 Strategies to end VAC. The Good School Toolkit is cited as an example of promoting Safe Environments, and SASA! is cited as an example of Norms & Values approaches. Read the full article here.

SASA! highlighted in recent article

The case for investing in southern women’s rights organizations is firmly established, but to create sustainability, resilience and long-term change, donors need to invest in the infrastructure of the organizations and movements. Read the rest of this interesting article featuring SASA! here.

New Publication: Revising the Script: Taking Community Mobilization to Scale for Gender Equality

revisingthescript-pictureThis exploratory study by International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and Raising Voices aims to inform the nascent conversation about the challenges of applying the “innovate, evaluate, scale up” script in one compelling field of recent innovation: community mobilization approaches to address socially and politically sensitive issues, particularly but not exclusively intimate partner violence. The publication explores current thought in scaling up through a literature review, a more in-depth exploration of five organizations/initiatives and their perception of opportunities and dilemmas in scaling up community mobilization approaches, lessons learned, and reflections for moving forward in this new terrain. Read the publication here.

SASA! Faith to be launched in UgandaSASA! Faith Guide Final_lowres

Raising Voices together with Trocaire are excited to announce the launch of SASA! Faith in Kampala-Uganda on 9th August 2016 at Hotel Africana. SASA! Faith is a guide to preventing violence against women and HIV in faith based communities based on the values of justice, peace and dignity. To read more about SASA! Faith click here.

Sharing SASA! Report for general audiences

Is Violence against Women Preventable? Raising Voices is thrilled to share their SASA! Study report for general audiences here.

Learning from Practice Series Launched

Raising Voices is happy to announce the release of the first three papers from a new Learning from Practice Series. The Series is designed to highlight critical issues and learning Raising Voices work in preventing violence against women and children. It includes:

LP1a) Organizational Perspectives – learnings from the bigger journey of Raising Voices

b) Research Perspectives – learnings around evaluation findings and operations research

c) Program Perspectives — learnings from on-the-ground VAW/C prevention activism

The first three papers are available for download:

Learning from Practice No.1: Organizational Perspectives, Creating an organizational culture for social justice activism 

Learning from Practice No.2: Organizational Perspectives, Growing as an activist organization through evaluation research

Learning from Practice No.3: Research Perspectives, Walking In Her Shoes inspires a pathway of change in sub-Saharan Africa

Learning from Practice No. 4: Research Perspectives, Stronger Together: Engaging both women and men in SASA! to prevent violence against women

Good Schools approach reduces VAC

Is the Good School Toolkit effective at preventing physical violence against children at school?ce1e0148931bb28f0612995d_208x280 In partnership with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Makerere University, we asked the fundamental question: is the Good School Toolkit effective at reducing physical violence at school from teachers against students?

Today, we publish the results in Lancet Global Health. Key findings include:

  • In intervention schools, the Toolkit reduced the risk of physical violence by teachers and school staff against children by 42% (in the space of 18 months).
  • In intervention schools, 50% fewer teachers (compared to control) report using physical violence against students.
  • The Toolkit promoted students’ identification with their school, as well as their sense of safety and belonging at school.

Click here for more information, and read the article here.


Community Consultation on Global South Movement BuildingPicture 2

Raising Voices is excited to share our findings from an extensive community consultation conducted with activists across the global South. The report is the result of many in-depth conversations with activists as well as a global survey and details the hopes and struggles of VAWG activists and the state of movement building regionally and across the global South. Read the full report here.

SASA! in Creole

SASA Ayisyen (3)We are thrilled to share that Beyond Borders, in Haiti, has finished a full adaptation of the SASA! Activist Kit into Creole! It is printed and now being rolled out in Haiti. Congratulations! To learn more about the adaptation process and how SASA! is being used in Haiti, click here.

New Call to Action on Violence against WCTAcoveromen

Raising Voices popularizes the Lancet Series Call to Action to mobilize civil society to prevent violence against women and girls. Read more here.

Raising Voices contributes an article in the Lancet Series on Violence against Women and Girls

The Lancet Series on Violence against Women and Girls features an article by Lori Michau, Jessica Horn, Amy Bank, Mallika Dutt, Cathy Zimmerman on Preventing Violence against Women and Girls: lessons from practice. Read the whole series for free here.VAWG_LancetCover

Also in the Series is a Call to Action. Read the popular version, developed by Raising Voices, here.

New SASA! Study article published

The Journal of the International AIDS Society features “The impact of SASA!, a community mobilization intervention, on reported HIV-related risk behaviours and relationship dynamics in Kampala, Uganda” by Nambusi Kyegombe, Tanya Abramsky, Karen M Devries, Elizabeth Starmann, Lori Michau, Janet Nakuti, Tina Musuya, Lori Heise, Charlotte Watts. Read the article here.


Raising Voices facilitates a conversation with activists working on violence against women and girls in the global South

Raising Voices is conducting a community consultation to understand the hopes and struggles of VAWG activists working across the global South. We aim to connect with activists, help activists connect with each other, and learn ways all of us can build momentum, connection and collaboration among the VAWG activist community. Please join the conversation!You can learn more and participate in a short survey by November 25th 2014 here.

SASA! Results featured on Open Democracy

“Avoidable Injustices: the way to prevent violence against women” a new article on Open Democracy, features SASA! Read the full article here.

Raising Voices publishes article on VAC with disabilities

50 million children live with disabilities globally, and a recent systematic review found 3 to 4 times the levels of violence versus non-disabled children. Our article aims to explore patterns, prevalence, and risk factors surrounding violence against children with disabilities. Read the article online here.

GlobalHealth Action features SASA! Qualitative findings

‘SASA! is the medicine that treats violence.’ Qualitative findings on how a community mobilization intervention to prevent violence against women created change in Kampala, Uganda” is now published in Global Health Action. Read the article online here.


SASA! Study Results Featured on The Guardian

Raising Voices inspiring SASA! results are being featured on The Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network platform. Read the blog here.

SASA! Study Results Published!

Everyone at Raising Voices is very pleased to announce that the SASA! study has nowbeen published – read more about the study and results here! 
You will find the research article in BMC Medicine at BioMed Central here.

In addition to the research, read the Biome Q&A article with Charlotte Watts and Lori Michau here.And a guest blog by Tina Musuya can be found here.

Voices of Community Activists

Get a more personal sense of the impact of SASA! by watching 2 minute videos of community activists talking about power, relationships, activism and change!

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 6

 How does SASA! work? Watch a short animated film to find out!

Understand the core ideas behind SASA! and how they work together to create a unique community mobilization approach that to prevent VAW and HIV.

Picture 3


Raising Voices’ Stanley Kamoga honored

Tumaini, a Swahili word meaning “hope,” is an awards program that recognizes the optimism and activism of individuals, civil society organizations, companies and members of the media working to defend the rights of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. During this year’s ceremony, held on Friday, 13th June,  those who have made significant contributions and efforts to improve the lives of children in Uganda were honored in Kampala.

Raising Voices could not be prouder of their friend and fellow activist, Stanley Kamoga, who received the honor of First Place for the Individual Child Protection award. We first met Stanley when he was a young student at St. Peter’s Primary school. He emerged as an energetic and vocal leader who was eager to transform his school and community as part of our Safer Schools Project. He excelled throughout primary and secondary school and plans to study journalism at Makerere Univeristy. Congratulations Stanley, and keep up the great activism!

To read more about the Tumaini Awards, click here.



New VAC Film Premieres

This March 27th, Raising Voices premiered our latest film, There’s Always A Way at the newly-opened Century Cinemax at Acacia Mall. Raising Voices worked with independent filmmakers to produce the four short stories that make up the film. Storytelling through film can be a powerful tool to engage audiences on the issue of preventing violence against children. The film’s themethere is always a way, because I have the will–shines through in the stories of four children, who despite the odds they are facing due to violence, are able to find a way to change their lives. All stories are based on radio dramas developed by Raising Voices and written by playwright John Bosco Mukiibi. The film was a hit with film viewers and was warmly received in December 2013 at the initial screening during the Human Rights Film Festival organized by the Manya Cutural Foundation at the National Theatre. Copies of the DVD are available from Raising Voices. Contact us at info@raisingvoices.org


SASA! Activist Honored as Woman of Courage

Joyce Stephano Nyembe, long-time women’s rights champion and featured activist in Raising Voices’ SASA! film, was honored with the 2014 Tanzanian Woman of Courage award upon Community Health and Gender-Based Violence Activist during a ceremony at the United States Chief of Mission’s residence in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Ms. Nyembe was honored for her perseverance and leadership fighting for the rights of women and children, and especially those living with HIV and AIDS, and victims of gender-based violence. She becomes the eighth recipient of the Tanzanian Woman of Courage Award since the U.S. Embassy began this recognition in 2008. Read more about this incredible honor here. Congratulations, Joyce!


Raising Voices Staff Member Featured as an Outstanding Activist…

Akina Mama wa Africa recognized Jean Kemitare as a courageous women’s rights leader. In the article, Jean discusses her experiences at the African Women’s Leadership Institute, her journey to becoming an activist and so much more. Read about Jean’s inspiring efforts here.

Introducing the 1,000 Schools Project…

Raising Voices is partnering with the Girls Education Challenge (GEC). The aim of this collaboration is to test the hypotheses that if we reduce violence against children at school, it will help them remain longer at school and it will improve their learning outcomes. The 1,000 Schools Project will rigorously test this hypothesis at scale. Watch this space to see how this work unfolds!


Raising Voices wins Tumaini Awards

Raising Voices was honored to receive two Tumaini Awards for our work to prevent violence against children. The 2013 Tumaini Awards, which aim to honor and recognize individuals, businesses, NGOs and Community Based Organizations that have made significant efforts to improve the lives of children in Uganda, were held in Kampala on 14th June.  Raising Voices’ Multimedia Campaign and Good School Program were recognized under the Child Protection and Education categories. Read more here.



Flower Power! Raising Voices meets child rights activist, MC Flower

The new Raising Voices production team has been out and about in communities in recent weeks filming the content for the second installment of Raising Voices’ upcoming series Children in our Lives. So far the team have met with a range of community members including teachers, students, authors, street vendors, parents and artists in their quest to investigate issues affecting children. From the many memorable community members interviewed, one that stands out is 12 year old student Vanessa Asolo, A.K.A MC Flower. MC Flower is an inspiring child rights advocate who is passionate about hip hop. She loves using her talent to inspire parents to encourage their children’s self-expression and creative activities. Watch this space for updates on when this exciting episode will air!