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A renewed approach: SASA! Together

SASA! Together is easier to use, accessible to more organizations and communities, and above all, even better at preventing violence against women.

The work of preventing violence against women has changed considerably since SASA! was first published in 2008. Raising Voices now has more than a decade of practice-based learning about the approach, and there are also far more prevention programs and a credible evidence base that highlights what is required for effective programming.

Therefore, in SASA!’s 10th anniversary year, we felt an ethical responsibility to update what we created to better capture our experiences in programming that transforms women’s lives.

Maintaining the SASA! Essentials

SASA! Together includes the same four core components as SASA!: a gender-power analysis, four phases of change, holistic community engagement, and benefits-based activism. You’ll recognize some favorite SASA! activities and many new ones with a fresh approach.

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Elevating Our Approach

SASA! Together refines some components to better align with emerging evidence on preventing violence against women and to meet the needs of activists in communities. Some new features include a distinct focus on intimate partner violence, including sexual decision-making; three strategies that reach across the whole community (individuals, groups and institutions); and more support to get organizations and communities started and sustain change.

Who’s Using SASA! Together

Organizations around the world are using SASA! Together to support their communities to prevent violence against women—from small community-based organizations to national feminist collectives to international non-governmental organizations to United Nations agencies and more!

We currently have four cohorts: one for activist organizations around the world, one for organizations using SASA! Together in Asia and the Pacific, one for organizations in Mexico and one for organizations that provide technical assistance to their partners and country offices. If you’re interested, contact us!

Explore SASA! Together's Set-Up Guide and L&A Guide

<i>SASA! Together</i>, Set-Up Guide

SASA! Together, Set-Up Guide

The Set-Up Guide is the WHAT, WHY and HOW to get started with SASA! Together.

It is publicly available.

<i>SASA! Together</i>, L&A Guide

SASA! Together, L&A Guide

The L&A Guide includes all of the information and tools to help you track, analyze and apply learning about your SASA! Together program.

It is publicly available.

To download all SASA! Together Phase Books, click the button below.

<i>SASA! Together</i>, L&A Guide

SASA! Together Phase Books