Raising Voices developed the Good School Toolkit to help educators explore what a good school is and guide them through a process that will help them create one.


Good School Toolkit

The Good School Toolkit is a methodology created to help educators and students explore what makes a healthy, vibrant, and positive school and guide them through a process to create their vision. It deliberately focuses on ideas and activities that do not require dedicated financial resources—just commitment and perseverance to create something extraordinary.34images

In a Raising Voices’ study conducted in 2005 in Uganda, over 60% of children interviewed said they experienced violence at school on a regular basis. To address this urgent issue, we developed The Good School Toolkit, a holistic and sustainable methodology for creating violence-free schools. The Good School Toolkit was developed with the help of schools in Uganda and has been revised once in order to better meet the needs of teachers and students.

“This toolkit teaches me that positive discipline comes from inside. I have clear goals, I work hard and I think of new ways of solving the old problems and to believe in myself.”
– Primary School Student

How the Good School Toolkit Works

The Good School Toolkit has four interrelated objectives that address:

  • Development of a collective vision for the school.
  • Creation of a nurturing learning environment.17images
  • Implementation of a more progressive learning methodology.
  • Strengthening school governance.

The Toolkit is designed to be systematic and child-friendly in its approach.  It contains six steps that are designed to take a school through a process of growth that mirrors the stages of behavior change. This enables key stakeholders to experience change in a manageable and natural way.

The Toolkit comes in three packages.

  • The Introductory Package introduces you to the Good School Toolkit and provides the necessary tools to inform your decision to embark upon the journey to creating a Good School
  • Package Two assists educators in preparing a team of community members who are dedicated to joining you on the journey to creating a Good School and explores what it means to be a good teacher.
  • Package Three addresses discipline and helps educators to establish a school culture and disciplinary methods that support positive discipline instead of corporal punishment. It also provides steps to think about the future, plan for the way forward, and measure and celebrate your success!
  • Includes child-friendly and inspiring learning materials such as posters and cartoon booklets.

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Good School Toolkit Study

The Good School Toolkit Study was a collaboration between Raising Voices, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Makerere University to investigate the efficacy of the Toolkit in Ugandan schools.

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What does it take to prevent violence against children in school? We hypothesized that interventions must be systematic, holistic and led by the schools themselves.

The Study

The Good School Toolkit Study was a randomized controlled trial conducted with 42 schools in the Luwero district of Uganda. The primary outcome of the study is the reduction in physical violence against children. The baseline was conducted in 2012 and the follow up was done in 2014.

The Results

Results published in the Lancet Global Health indicate that the Good Schools approach reduces violence against children. Key findings include:

  • In intervention schools, the Toolkit reduced the risk of physical violence by teachers and school staff against children by 42% (in the space of 18 months).
  • In intervention schools, 50% fewer teachers (compared to control) report using physical violence against students.
  • The Toolkit promoted students’ identification with their school, as well as their sense of safety and belonging at school.

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Learn more about the Good School Study:

Popular Report: Is Violence against Children Preventable? Findings from the Good School Study summarized for general audiences. The Good School Study, a randomized controlled trial had four components: a quantitative survey, a qualitative study, a process evaluation and cost effectiveness analysis. This report summarizes findings published in more than 17 peer reviewed publications on how the Good School Toolkit works, its impact on the level of violence against children at school, and pathways through which the effect might be emerging.

Protocol Paper

Main results paper

Other results

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Good School Toolkit Adaptations

The Toolkit was developed in partnership with six schools in Uganda and over a period of three years. The Toolkit was revised in 2011 in response to lessons learned and feedback during its pilot, making it even more accessible and user-friendly. The Good School Toolkit is currently being used in over 600 schools in Uganda, and is being adapted for use in Lesotho, Mongolia and other settings. It is now also being adapted and piloted for use in secondary schools. We are also open to adapting and translating it in other languages.

Are you interested in adapting or expanding Raising Voices methodologies in your community? Contact us!

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