Raising Voices

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Evidence-Based Community Mobilization

Diverse organizations around the world have used the SASA! Activist Kit for Preventing Violence Against Women and HIV since it was published in 2008. It is an evidence-based approach that aims to change social norms across the community, impacting how everyone thinks about violence against women and about how they use their power in their intimate relationships and in the broader community.

sasa activist kit

The SASA! Activist Kit broke new ground in the field of violence prevention for a few reasons:

It is all about power. Its unique focus on unpacking power—in terms of power’s positive and negative uses—shifted from the traditional focus on “gender” toward the heart of the problem.

It supports communities through a process of change, evolving step by step and avoiding the chronic cycle of awareness-raising or jumping straight into action.

It involves everyone. A critical mass of people across all levels of society are involved in creating social norms change.

It is personal. Change is more than just a program or a job. It is a part of us. SASA! helps staff and community members to reflect on their own lives and relationships before trying to influence others.

It works! SASA! is helping to create happier, healthier, safer relationships between men and women around the world.

Learn about how SASA! works here, and hear about SASA! directly from staff and community activists here.

SASA! Together, published in 2020, is an evolution of the SASA! Activist Kit. Read more about it here.