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Training & Technical Assistance

Our primary platform for providing training and technical assistance is through the Violence Prevention Learning Center (VPLC). This is a dynamic space for learning and exchange with Raising Voices partners. Whether the learning is virtual or in person, the VLPC deepens personal commitment and builds skills for violence prevention programming.

For Organizations Seeking Support

Many organizations greatly benefit from sustained technical assistance as they plan, design, adapt, implement and evaluate SASA! in their communities—please contact us if you are interested!  We provide technical assistance in the following ways:

  • A cohort model in which like-organizations learn together over the life of SASA! programming.
  • One-on-one partnership in which Raising Voices partners with an organization to achieve strategic objectives
  • Support from accredited technical assistance providers (who support training and give technical assistance) when Raising Voices is not able to meet the needs of potential partners

Raising Voices is committed to values-driven technical assistance that fosters safe, ethical programming and partnership. Read more about our principles of technical assistance here.

Accredited Technical Assistance Providers

While we have trained hundreds of colleagues and activists on SASA! over the years, a select few have deeply engaged in the programming and receive ongoing support from Raising Voices. They are accredited technical assistance providers. If you are looking for a technical assistance provider or consultant skilled in SASA!, please see this list. We strongly encourage selecting from this pool.

There are three types of accreditation for providing training or technical support on SASA! that build on each other: SASA! trainer, SASA! implementation support provider and SASA! adaptation support provider. Of these, an adaptation support provider has the most rigorous accreditation, including accreditation for training and implementation support.

Certificates are provided to each person accredited in SASA! These indicate the type of accreditation and the time frame for which their accreditation is valid. Feel free to request certificates, as well as check with Raising Voices for an updated list of providers prior to hiring. Logistics, time frames, rates for services and reporting requirements are negotiated directly between the host organization and the technical assistance providers.

SASA! Trainer

SASA! trainers are accredited to offer the SASA! phase training on at least one phase. Providers accredited as SASA! trainers have the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the SASA! “essentials”
  • Successful completion of relevant phase trainings through the Violence Prevention Learning Center, or commensurate experience with SASA!
  • Good skills facilitating SASA! training modules
  • At least two years’ experience in violence against women prevention programming

SASA! trainers are accredited only for the phases of SASA! on which they have attended training. Note that the trainer accreditation does not by itself indicate experience implementing or adapting SASA!; it simply indicates the ability to successfully facilitate training modules.

SASA! Implementation Support Provider

SASA! implementation support providers are accredited to train others on SASA! and have all the qualifications required of SASA! trainers, as well as the following:

  • Experience implementing at least two SASA! phases
  • Ability to effectively use all learning and assessment tools, as well as to enter and analyze data using SASA! data screens
  • Participation in the Technical Support Providers’ course at Raising Voices or commensurate experience with SASA!
  • Experience in developing and revising SASA! implementation work plans
  • At least three years’ experience in violence against women prevention programming

SASA! implementation support providers are accredited only for the phases of SASA! on which they have implementation experience.

SASA! Adaptation Support Provider

People accredited as SASA! adaptation support providers are accredited to train others on SASA! and provide implementation support, as well as have the following qualifications:

  • Understanding of various types of SASA! adaptation
  • Experience adapting at least two phases of SASA! to another context
  • Strong understanding of learning and assessment tools in SASA!, and how and when they can be modified
  • Over five years’ experience in violence against women prevention programming


For Technical Assistance Providers

Accredited technical assistance providers receive ongoing mentoring and training from Raising Voices to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest skills and SASA!-related ideas. If you are interested in becoming an accredited technical assistance provider, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message!

When I joined SASA!…I did not think it would change my life to this level. I have gained confidence, and I now believe in myself. I do not fear like I used to. I now speak out and am able to reach out to others experiencing violence without blaming them. Now, I am able to talk about things that affect my relationship. SASA! has changed my life. …I’m proud to be a SASA! activist.

Female Community Activist, Kampala