Global Dialogue

Ideas come from far and wide. In a young field such as ours, seminal thinking is often done by disparate individuals working in different locations, without the time or opportunity to connect with others. Raising Voices is playing a growing role in bringing activists, practitioners, academics and other thought leaders face-to-face to shape the way forward. Through the following initiatives, we will make critical dialogue possible:

VAW/C Prevention Reference Groups

Violence against Women and Children Reference Groups are small groups of activists, practitioners and academics committed to moving the field of violence prevention forward. Raising Voices coordinates these thought-leaders to connect on critical issues facing the field today such as:

  • Shaping key concepts in prevention.
  • Influence programming and practice in the field.
  • Engaging with colleagues on emerging challenges and critical controversies in the field.

Do you want to learn more about the VAW/C Prevention Reference Groups? Contact us!


VAW Prevention Symposium

As the field of violence prevention grows, so too does the need for gatherings and space for exchange, learning, relationship building and accountability. In the existing major forums on violence against women, the practice of prevention typically plays a minor role.

To fill this gap, every other year beginning in 2014, Raising Voices will host a global symposium on VAW prevention. This gathering will focus on the practice of prevention and include activists, practitioners, donors, policymakers and researchers. Guided by an international advisory committee of leading experts, the symposium will include diverse participation, rigorous review of abstracts, thematically grouped presentations and mini-workshops for specific skill building as well as space for movement building activities. The symposium will become a vital space for advancing the field.

Interested in learning more or getting involved in the symposium? Contact us!

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