Raising Voices

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Safely engaging community members is exceptionally challenging amidst lockdowns, curfews, quarantines, transport bans and other public health measures. While we know that sustaining and amplifying violence prevention efforts during COVID-19 is essential, it is important to do so safely and ethically.

To support these efforts, we developed a series of activities that any organization can translate, adapt and integrate into their ongoing prevention programming, including six community conversations, two infosheets (infosheet 1 and infosheet 2) and three posters (poster 1, poster 2 and poster 3). They are designed to address pandemic-related risks to women, while at the same time, aiming to inspire a sense of hope and positive connection.

The COVID-19 pandemic calls for courage, creativity and flexibility as we work to prevent violence in a rapidly changing environment. We developed five guidance notes to offer practical ideas and strategies to activist organizations during this time. The series addresses a range of topics to mitigate organizational and programmatic challenges, as well as to provide spaces for healing and collective care.

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