Networks and Alliances

Momentum grows from solidarity. As the young field of violence prevention gains strength, diverse organizations and activists are recognizing common themes in their work. Through networks and alliances, we can establish our shared values, identify priorities for investment, and generate the synergy that leads change. Through the following initiatives, Raising Voices leverages the power of many:

Gender-Based Violence Prevention Network

The GBV Prevention Network is a dynamic group of almost 900 activists and practitioners from more than 25 countries committed to the prevention of GBV in the Horn, East and Southern Africa.

Regional Unity

The Network was initiated in 2003 after a regional dialogue in Kampala on violence against women hosted by Raising Voices and UN Safer Cities Program. At that time, there were few organizations working on prevention and the need to connect with and learn from others was strong. Today, a plethora of organizations and groups are working on violence in the region. This growth is encouraging and challenging, reinforcing the need for coordination, sharing, and networking. The GBV Prevention Network’s extensive infrastructure is used as a platform for dialogue and action in countries and among countries in the region. The GBV Prevention Network was born and is coordinated by Raising Voices from our offices in Kampala.15images

“The GBV Prevention Network is not the fire, but rather the stokers of the fire, in service by the way they create safe spaces for many voices to be heard. You encouraged us to THINK and create conversations that are intensely reflective, honest, quiet, responsive and responsible.”
– Network Member

Movement Building

The GBV Prevention Network aims to build momentum in the region for a vibrant violence against women prevention movement. To achieve this, we work in three core thematic areas:

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GBV Prevention Network Social Media Campaigns

Social media engagement has created increased connection between GBV Prevention Network members and allies and encouraged a new way partnering to prevent violence against women, gathering over 70,000 comments in a recent campaign.

Fusing graphic art and activism in several campaigns, the Network inspires critical reflection on violence against women through twitter chats, tweetathons, blogs, and webinars.

In the Let’s Talk about Power (#Power101) campaign in 2016, people of all backgrounds talked about how power lives within us and all around us; how it fuels our courage to live authentically as well as our fear-driven need to marginalize others; how it’s a universal and ever-present force, both positive and negative, at the heart of our relationships and human rights.

Sample blogs from that campaign include:

Social media campaigns have widened opportunities for activism online and connecting with members and allies whilst spreading word on preventing violence against women with the aim of influencing how the field, analyses and articulates VAW issues.

Peer Learning Network

The Peer Learning Network is a space for teachers, students, administrators and community members who are engaging with the Good School Toolkit to come together to share ideas and experiences.

Creating Connections

There are more than 1,500 schools and 12,000 individuals in Uganda exploring the ideas embodied in the Good School Toolkit, and that number is growing. Raising Voices has developed a Peer Learning Network to help these engaged teachers, students and administrators connect with one another to share experiences, lessons and opinions.

“I am 12 years old and with my classmates at school we have discussed how to make our school become a Good School. A lot of things have been happening in this school, some are good and others are bad. The booklets have given us positive answers.”
– Primary School Student

Coordination of the Peer Learning Network includes development and distribution of a termly newsletter capturing schools’ and students’ stories. The Peer Learning Network also hosts exchange visits between teachers and students who are working to create good schools. Recently, the Peer Learning Network joined Facebook. Check out our page!


Download the Good School Newsletter:

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Building momentum against VAWG in the global South

Over the course of several months, Raising Voices conducted a community consultation engaging with activists from across the global South. The result of many in-depth conversations as well as a global survey is a report (available below) that details the hopes and struggles of VAWG activists and the state of movement building regionally and across the global South. Building momentum is a process and discussions about how to strengthen connections among activists working on VAWG in the global South continue. If you would like to be in touch with us about the process please contact us at

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Download the final report here. 

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