Fostering Solidarity

The GBV Prevention Network encourages connection, cooperation and collaboration between and among groups working on VAW prevention in the region through a number of initiatives.

Member Action Groups

Action Groups bring together members in smaller groups around specific areas of interest. These groups decide on which issues are relevant to them and initiate activities, discussions, skill-building sessions and more. They are semi-autonomous groups, while their activities remain rooted in the core beliefs and values of the Network. Action Groups are open to all interested members. Currently active groups are:

  • Communication Materials: The aim of this group is to exchange skills and learning on effective GBV prevention communication materials.
  • Research and Monitoring & Evaluation: The aim of this group is to strengthen the capacity of GBV Prevention Network members to undertake research and M&E on GBV.
  • GBV in Emergencies: This group, coordinated by International Rescue Committee (IRC) seeks to promote improved approaches to emergency response and preparedness among GBV practitioners by sharing field-tested tools and models for response, and by building on member experience to develop new strategies for strengthening local GBV emergency response and prevention capacity.

Member Meet-ups

The GBV Prevention Network capitalizes on other events in the region to gather members together to share, connect, learn and create.


“The GBV Network Retreat was really an encouraging and transformative journey that has empowered me to go forward in my actions.”
– Network Member

Speaker Events

A key part of the connection and collaboration components of the Network are our Speaker Events. These are brief events, where resource persons or traveling members engage other Network members of a particular city to create awareness, share skills or provoke discussion on critical GBV prevention issues.

GBV Prevention Network members also connect and engage around provocative ideas through our Facebook page and the Network’s website. Visit us there!