Strengthening Shared Analysis

Get Moving! is one way the GBV Prevention Network fosters a shared analysis of violence against women among member organizations. Get Moving! is an internal reflective process that strengthens the quality of organizations working to prevent violence against women.

Why is Get Moving! necessary?

In November 2008, members of the GBV Prevention Network met to discuss violence against women prevention efforts in the region. They discussed the work’s strength and impact, and agreed on the need to build and strengthen a feminist supported, violence against women prevention movement. In response, the Coordinating Office developed the Get Moving! process as part of the Network’s movement building efforts.

Ten member organizations across East and Southern Africa partnered with the Network to pilot Get Moving! from 2010 to 2012. They reported shifts at personal and organizational levels, and provided valuable lessons which informed the revision of Get Moving! The second edition was launched in 2012 and the Network is now working with an additional 14 organizations who are committed to the process.


Why Get Moving!?

  • To inspire us as individuals – by critically examining our personal values and identities, including how we can be true to ourselves in all areas of our lives.
  • To strengthen us as organizations – by identifying the opportunities to enhance our organizational culture and integrity by walking the talk of violence against women prevention within and beyond the workplace.
  • To connect us as a movement – by deepening our understanding of the positive power that comes from working together in solidarity.

Who can Get Moving!?

Everyone! The process is meant for organizations doing violence prevention work, and women’s rights work in general. All staff, from support staff to program staff, directors, managers, and governance board members, are equal participants in the process.

“We feel we a true impact. The process is enhancing our organization’s culture, strengthening working relations with staff and expanding our understanding of GBV.”
– Get Moving! Participant

What does Get Moving! involve?

The process includes ten provocative topics that foster deep individual and collective reflection, revealing key insights for commitment to values-driven work.

  • A Facilitator’s Guide is used for group sessions with staff. It provides simple and detailed instructions for conducting interactive sessions that build shared knowledge and support positive change within organizations.
  • A Participant Workbook is given to all staff. It is a notebook and reader in one, and is used in the privacy of their homes for further reflection and to increase engagement with Get Moving! ideas.

Do you want to Get Moving!?


Learn more about and download Get Moving! here.